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A genomic test gives you important, unique personalized information about your breast cancer, but not all eligible patients receive a test before making their treatment decision

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Based on numerous studies, including the landmark TAILORx trial of over 10,000 women using the Oncotype DX test, a vast majority of early stage breast cancer patients don’t need chemotherapy1

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Age alone shouldn’t determine your treatment options. Understand your unique breast cancer to know what treatments are best for you.

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About NoMatterMyAge

The NoMatterMyAge campaign encourages all breast cancer patients, regardless of age, to ask their doctors about their treatment options, including how a genomic test may help determine their treatment plan.

Patient Stories

For a more personal perspective, read and watch real stories from cancer survivors, who, along with their physicians, have used genomic testing to help make their treatment decisions.

Age 37


“You can make your own story. Everyone is different.”

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Age 43


"There was never a doubt in my mind about having chemo once I learned my score."

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Age 75


"We are fortunate at this time in history to have better tools and a better chance of surviving breast cancer."

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Patient Resources

Helpful patient organizations for you or your loved one facing a breast cancer diagnosis

Additional Readings

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If you have been diagnosed with early-stage invasive breast cancer, MyBreastCancerTreatment can help you overcome challenges of understanding your diagnosis by providing information and treatment options.